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January 2020

The Top 2020

We always love a bit of trend prediction at Clear HQ so we are kick starting January with some predictions on what we think we will be 5 of the big hitters of 2020 in the world of events…

So, in no particular order…

  1. Continued focus on all things green 

This is a wide remit… from travelling to events, the food we serve, the waste we produce and going more digital in all areas of event communications it all needs to be considered. We think venues will need to consider plastics more and having a strong green commitment will be a major tick for many big companies when selecting their event venue. 

  1. Healthy minds and bodies 

We are seeing this as a trend in workplaces and this is starting to come more and more into live events. We predict 2020 will see a shift on event professionals not just serving healthy food and thinking about activities that get people more active but also thinking about the mental wellbeing of guests at events too.

This could include considering more ways to incorporate mindfulness and reflection time at events to help give people some headspace. It could also mean giving more time to thinking about any anxieties guests might have around attending an event and what can be done to help with this. 

  1. Unique venue experiences

This is not just about finding non-hotel venues but is more about finding spaces that can create unique and non-traditional experiences. Everyone wants to surprise and delight audiences so we believe a lot of briefs coming our way this year will be asking us to give people the unexpected… and we cannot wait! 

  1. Interactive entertainment

This trend is on the up and up. People want to get involved, take part, take photos… so entertainment experiences that people can really engage and immerse themselves with will be rising in popularity. Think Bongos Bingo, Rock-A-Oke, hashtag walls… if people can join in they feel more part of an event and the engagement levels shoot up. 

(as a disclaimer, this does not work for all entertainment experiences… let’s not get delegates having a go at acrobatics and circus skills just yet…)

  1. Make it Instagrammable 

(Hopefully that is a word.) Food. Drink. Lighting, Set. Room dressing. Décor. Props.  Always think to yourself, is it Instagrammable? If it is, go with it. People love sharing and liking so you may as well have them talking about your event. 

2020 will see LOADS more trends than this… especially tech wise we just wanted to touch on a few of our thoughts. 

As well as loving the new tech that we can use at events, we get very excited to see new menus reflecting food trends, what the big colours are for the year and of course what will be the must have drink to serve this year? Be great to hear your predictions on this even if it is Dry January…