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WFS Summer Event Planning

With summer finally here, it’s hard to ignore the gorgeous weather we’ve been having since the beginning of May. Warm temperatures, gorgeous gardens and blue skies seem to be giving everyone a buzz to get outside, loosen their ties and fire up the barbeque. We feel like no one knows this better than our event managers here at Clear, who have been busy planning summer parties for some of our corporate clients. Given the slew of requests we often receive on event planning and throwing the ultimate party, we can think of no better topic to start our ‘Wow Factor Series’- a series of posts to share our knowledge on important elements to help you plan the ultimate event.

For this first WFS post on summer events, we want to walk you through three key points that are simple to include but will easily transform your basic corporate bash to a full-on festival, leaving your office enthralled well into the cooler months.

The Food and Drink

Instead of the traditional catering of cold meats and dull sandwiches, search for vendors that will add to the summer experience. Hog roast? Candy floss tent? The sky is the limit here! Keeping it fun and informal will encourage your guests to mingle and will give them something to talk about.

Here at Clear, another go-to for our festival-themed summer events are street cart vendors. Hiring multiple types of food and drink carts is a fun way to make sure there is something to suit everyone’s taste. It’s also a great way to support small businesses who consider themselves specialists and to learn about a variety of passions. Gin tasting, wine tasting, prosecco bars and brewers are all hopping on board cart-style distribution.


Of course, what is a festival without music and entertainment? Void the standard DJ in a corner for live entertainment. Selecting the right genres and providing different groups will mean that your guests will want to stay all day and make it a family affair, as oppose to the usual ‘I’ll just pop over for a drink and then head off.’

However, why keep the entertainment limited to just music? Pick an outdoor venue that will accommodate a path of festival-style tents for guests to visit and to keep them guessing. We love having unusual vendors like henna tattooist, face painters and glitter artists to help engage guests with the theme. Magicians, fortune tellers and balloon artists are an excellent way to make sure the whole family gets involved!

Weather Preparation

Our final tip for preparing the perfect outdoor event is making sure that you are prepared for the uncontrollable. While May was gorgeous, who can guarantee that August will stay the same? It would be a shame to spend all that time planning the perfect set with unique vendors, only to have rain on your parade (literally).

Keep your preparation tied into the theme and provide your guests with a rest-stop with various seating arrangements to mingle and discuss the assortment of vendors. Stripe lounge chairs to relax in the sun and tipi tents for covered protection are a stylistic way to add comfort and function. Finally, don’t be afraid to work with your surroundings. If you’re by the seaside, planning a circus tent cover is another option to completely transform the feel.

As you can see, we at Clear are passionate about creating memorable and engaging experiences. Hopefully you’ve been able to take some inspiration for your next outdoor venture! Feel free to share this information with the hashtag #clearlycreative and to let us know what you think by tagging us @weareclearmanchester on Twitter and Instagram.

Want to just enjoy the party? All of this too much to think about? Give us a shout and we’ll plan it for you! Contact Mara at or 0161 448 2424 for an informal chat on how to create a memorable experience for you- big or small.