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NWRCA 2018

NWRCA 2018

When starting in a new agency, it’s hard to have an accurate idea of what to expect. Every company inevitably has its own style of event management, project delegation and general team culture. This is of course magnified as the season picks up. Sticking to budgets while working on multiple projects simultaneously is an easy way to get a feel for a team’s synergy. The 2018 North West Regional Construction Awards was no different as our newest Client Services and Business Development Manager Mara joins Clear. Mara has been asked to give her perspective of the lead up to the night as a fresh outlook of the annual event that Clear has run for the last 10 years.


Principal Hotel


 From Mara:

Starting in a new position is not the easiest thing in the world but the only way to take full advantage of the opportunity is to get stuck in. The first few days with Clear were mainly familiarising myself with their repertoire of work. As a full service agency, it wasn’t just the events’ client base that I needed to know, but motion graphic sequences, digital design, filming and editing. A couple of days to look through video examples might seem excessive, but with 30 years worth of company experience there was plenty to get through!

Of the event example videos, the construction awards certainly stood out. With cheering crowds in black-tie, charismatic speakers, a full hall dressed for a glamorous evening and enticing entertainment, I already felt ready to roll-up my sleeves and begin the set up even while the event was 6 weeks away. While my actual involvement in planning the first major event of my career at Clear was fairly minimal, I was present to observe as much as possible.

One of my favourite moments (outside of the event day) was spending the day with our Client Services Director Caroline as we did the final check-through at the venue. As this was the first time I had been to The Principal, Manchester, I was in awe of the beauty of the building. The building was originally an insurance provider built by Alfred Waterhouse in 1891 and is a Grade II listed red brick and terracotta property (a fitting place to hold the construction awards). I loved seeing the planning and preparation that had gone into the awards as Caroline and the venue coordinator went through the details from the table arrangements, room decor, menu choices, entertainment and bedroom allocations. Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a free Italian style coffee followed by lunch courtesy of The Principal!



Another aspect I loved seeing was the custom graphics created in our studio. I was fairly new to motion graphic production and had little understanding of how they worked. I loved the modern electric blue sound waves mixed with the industrial background the team had created specifically for this event. The images looked great across all event materials –  banner stands, brochures, menus, place cards etc…  but it was even more impressive to see it in full motion on the big screen (make sure to check out our article on Phil here to see how it’s all made). 


NWRCA 2018

NWRCA 2018


It was great to observe the guest interaction, the award winners and the team who worked systematically to bring it all together. The host of the evening, Hugh Ferris, performed beautifully and held the room’s attention throughout the ceremony – with 19 awards, this is no easy task!  The electric trio, UTC Strings performed classic Ibiza anthems at the awards afterparty disco which started the party in style. There is very little surprise as to why Clear is asked to do the construction awards year on year.



What I I love most about events is the delayed gratification of the process.  Coming from an events background that was mainly focused on team training days and private events such as weddings, I feel honoured to have been a part of the NWRCA 2018. With over 400 guests in attendance, there was something about planning the details of the awards that gave me a glamorous feeling, almost as if we were planning the Oscars.  On top of this, I feel fortunate to be in an agency that is full service. Having worked in an environment where the technical side and presentations would be outsourced, it was amazing to see the integration of both sides of the industry and how flawlessly they work together.”



Would you like to sponsor or attend the awards ceremony next year? Perhaps you need help planning an awards ceremony of your own? Contact Mara at or on 0161 448 2424 to see how we can help.