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Meet Phil

Meet Phil!

Phil Chamberlain is Clear’s esteemed Creative Director. Close to home, Phil is originally from Bury with a background in Graphic Design and Art Direction from Manchester Metropolitan University. Phil began his design experience with a football merchandise company helping with their packaging design. He has come a long way since his early design days and has now been a part of Clear’s core team for 20 years. 

Phil is Clear’s head man with creative content and design. He ensures the design and message flows seamlessly throughout a client’s project by bringing creative and technical fields together through motion graphics, filming, editing, logo design and brochure design. 

Working on motion graphics is the area that Phil enjoys most as he enjoys seeing an idea come to life through the animation of the design’s elements. Motion graphics are fragments of digital footage or animations which create the illusion of motion or rotation. This can be combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. 

A motion graphic sequence will start with first taking a client’s idea, or concept, and working it into a storyboard. Once the client has approved the content and visual style of the sequence, the graphics can be brought to life with editing software. Phil is skilled in different software types to do this, often using Adobe After Effects, but he favours Apple Motion. 

According to Phil, the trick to motion graphics is consistency through the design process. The producer must keep in mind that the images will be animated on-screen in some form. Creating a logo and identity for a live event, for example, requires the graphics to work across a variety of media. This includes working digitally on a pre-event website, in print on invitations, brochures or large-format set-graphics and in videos and AV sequences. The branding, therefore, must be consistent and functional for all formats to make sure the client is left with a clear message and polished product. 

Motion graphics give the opportunity to bring additional excitement into this mix. The combination of an exhilarating music track working in sync with slick animated graphics and video can create a powerful opener to a conference. This demands attention from delegates whilst delivering a message in a memorable way.

Take a look at a few examples of graphics Phil has created and how they come to life as motion graphics:

Phil’s biggest challenge? Making sure to keep up current digital trends. With the recent shift to video content on social media, there is a higher demand for interesting, inspiring and unique content. As in all areas of design, fashions and trends come and go, so the challenge is for Phil to keep an eye out for these and make sure Clear’s creative content delivers this. 

If you want to find out more about this approach or what we can do to help your project, Contact Caroline, at or 0161 448 2424 for help and advice.