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Meet Mark

Meet Mark!

Mark Philbin is Clear’s experienced Production Director. With over 30 years’ experience, he has been with Clear Presentations from the beginning. Born and bred in Manchester, Mark’s background comes from graphic design. While he remembers the days where designs would have to be hand drawn and scanned, he is now an expert in everything that digital design has to offer. 

One of Mark’s favourite tasks at Clear is to build 3D mockups of exhibition and conference designs. It’s a great way to show clients exactly how their projects will look prior to the event. Often given simplistically as a sketched outline, Mark creates a floor plan of the project, which can quickly be created as an extruded 3D version. 

At this stage, he can add logos, colour schemes and lighting to the basic model. Mark admits he “spends more time fine-tuning lighting and textures than building the 3D model, but it’s worth the extra effort to get a good quality ‘photo-realistic’ finish.” Once built he places a few cameras around the project. These allow him to render the model at any angle. While an eye-level view is initially preferred by clients, so they can view the event from their perspective, his experience has taught him that a good view from above can give an overall impression of the space available and, more importantly, how people will interact with the design. 

Mark is a multi-skilled designer, with talents in motion graphics, website creation, video design and editing, set design and just about anything! 

If you want to find out more about this approach or what we can do to help your project, contact Mara, our New Business Manager, at or 0161 448 2424 for help and advice.