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Mark Philbin - Production Director - Clear Presentations - Manchester

Meet the team…

Mark the builder… can he build it – YES HE CAN!!

One of my favourite tasks at Clear is to build 3D mockups of our exhibition and conference designs. It’s a great way to show clients exactly how their project will look prior to the event. Often given as little as a sketched outline, I create a floor plan of the project and from there can quickly create an extruded 3D version. I then add logos, colour schemes and lighting to the basic model. I spend more time fine tuning lighting and textures than building the 3D model, but its worth the extra effort to get a good quality photo realistic finish. Once built and I’ve placed a few cameras around the project, I can render the model at any angle. An eye level view is preferred for clients to view the event from their perspective, whereas a good view from above can give an overall impression of the space available and how people can interact with the design. If you have a project that would suit this approach then contact Caroline on 0161 448 2424 or email me on for help and advice.