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In the Spotlight: Classic Ibiza at Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Event management certainly has it’s perks. Whether it’s tasting menus at divine restaurants or ‘testing’ spa facilities at luxurious hotels for conference delegates, we at Clear are happy to put in the research to make sure all event details get our seal of approval. Clear was lucky enough to have another said opportunity, with an invitation from the sensational Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) to attend their gig June 30, 2018 at the Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. 



The USO are a contemporary string ensemble with over 25 years of experience. They specialise in playing modern anthems in an innovative way with classical strings, brass, percussion, vocals, DJ  and a soulful vide. They seamlessly integrate the two worlds of classical and electronic dance music. They have worked for 25 years at the top of the UK music industry, specialising in recording sessions for top artists, major corporate events and exclusive private parties. Founded by violinist, conductor and arranger Stephen Hussey, a co-directed by Natasha Backham, they have worked alongside a variable who’s who in the dance music industry, including Nightmare on Wax, Groove Armada, Ultra Nate, Octave One, Full Intention, Soul II Soul, Robert Miles, Sonique and Spiller. They are the winner of numerous awards, including the Most Prestigious Event Supplier in 2016 from the Prestigious Star Awards held in London. They have an impressive audience history, having played for likes of Mariah Carey, Mick Jagger and Madonna (see more notable names and read more about them here During the Capesthorne show, the USO performed classic Ibiza anthems to an excited crowd of 4000 with a stunning corresponding stage and light show. If you have time to appreciate the pictures in full glory, make sure to play our Spotify link of the event’s music below.


[spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:artist:7BQ79ArXmUnDv0d7PyaRyw”/]



The night started with a laidback ambiance including a chilled-out set that gave the guests opportunity to forget the work week and enjoy cold drinks, glitter paint and the setting sun. Guests were able to bring in picnic tables, chairs and blankets, giving the sunny afternoon in Cheshire the feel of an Ibiza holiday. Attendees could even bring a cooler box of their own drinks which meant no bar queues or inflated festival drink prices. Clear brought mini bottles of prosecco (our Ibiza drink of choice) to enjoy throughout the evening. 



The whole gig had a true festival vibe with street food stalls guests could enjoy between sets. There was a variety of gourmet choices from burgers, paella, Thai food and a pizza cooked fresh in a pizza oven. As event managers, Clear are true foodies and were tempted to try everything. It was great to see variety that could cater to everyone’s taste.



As the sun set, concert lights, smoke machines and more intense beats enticed the 4000 person crowd to their feet. With the unusually sunny summer the UK has been experiencing, there was little difference between being on the white island itself! USO played hit after hit, with the crowd singing and dancing from start to finish. Overall, a show second to none!



Clear highly recommend this event as a fantastic way to spend a summer evening. We are happy to say that there are a further 5 shows planned this summer, including Summertime Live at Windsor Racecourse. However, we recommend you hurry up securing your tickets as they are selling fast. Some shows are already sold out!  You can buy tickets and read more about the events at



Are you looking to host your own festival themed event for a corporate gathering or family day? Read our tips on how to throw a professional event in our ‘Wow-Factor Series: Summer Events’ here. Think you might want to enjoy the festival and leave the details to the professionals? Get in contact with our Business Development Manager Mara at or 0161 448 2424 to find out how we can help. If you want a private show with the USO, they can provide smaller ensembles for corporate events and private functions. Don’t be afraid to send us a message so that we can help you arrange it! 


Thank you once again to the Urban Soul Orchestra for the invite and to George Heaton for supplying the photos!