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Wow-Factor Series - Green Screen

Green Screens and Specialised Live Event Engagement

Audience engagement is one of the hottest topics within the live events industry. At Clear, we have over 30 years running live events. In this time, we have never experienced a client telling us that audience engagement was something they were NOT after. In fact, based on our experience and the trends for event management conferences nationwide, one of the top topics is on audience engagement during live events and the retention of the company message being presented. For this Wow-Factor Series, we are going to look at video production using green screens as an effective, engaging and humorous way to open any live event. 

The Science Behind it: Why use green screen for an opening sequence? Well… they can be a really good laugh! 

Not every company director might think of portraying themselves as Indie from Indiana Jones or Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible in front of 500 colleagues to commence an internal conference just to get a few laughs, but did you know that laughter has an immediate affect on memory? According to Edutopia’s journal on teaching strategies, ‘Humour activates the brain’s dopamine reward system, stimulating goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory, which means that humour can improve retention in students of all ages.’

So it does make sense that if you can encourage laughter from delegates they will pay attention and remember the message you are getting across. (Oh, and the more fun they will have!)

How it Works: 

Our Senior Video Editor Rob shares his knowledge on how to make corporate conferences memorable and fun by using green screen technology.  

It all starts with the storyboarding and planning, and working closely with a client to plan out the messages, and getting the tone just right. We then either bring a client into our studio, or take a camera team and green screen out to them. 

They are then filmed doing motions that will fit the video’s theme, script and storyboard. Rob can then isolate the figure and manipulate their movement against another background using Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion until it fits seamlessly. 

From there he can layer other effects on top to fit the scene. This allows Rob to make clients star as Hans Solo in Star Wars or turn them into a suave and sophisticated James Bond, while manipulating the script of the film to aid with the client’s key messages.

At Clear, we’ve edited numerous directors into films including Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Alien and Top Gun as well as  numerous beloved TV adverts such as the Milky Bar kid and the Milk Tray man! These make for a perfect introduction for an internal event via ‘feature trailers’ before the show begins. Alternatively, movies can be manipulated by having our director ‘actors’ change the script to portray the conference’s intended message. 

However green screen video production is used, it will have the company in stitches along with making sure the intended message of the conference is memorable. 

Along with green screens, Rob assists with motion graphics (read more about how these are made here), filming and editing. If you want to find out more about this approach or what we can do to help make your event memorable and engaging, contact Mara, our Client Services Manager, at or 0161 448 2424 for help and advice.