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Creating a Successful Event

Creating a successful event

Here at Clear, we have been successfully managing and delivering events for over 20 years.

As we have experience working on all manner of events we thought we would share some hints and tips with our clients and friends for how to deliver a successful and memorable event.

  1. Choosing the right venue is key the success of any event. Don’t try and fit your event into what the venue has to offer. Scope out the event and then look for a venue that works for your ideas.
  2. Always create a budget. This will help you make informed decisions throughout your project planning and will ensure you don’t overspend in any area.
  3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Do be tactful though, and remember that everyone is trying to make a living so you can’t expect everything you ask for, but a reasonable negotiation with a supplier or venue is all part of the planning process!
  4. Plan in time to do a rehearsal or run through. It might mean an earlier start, or access a day earlier, but having a run through is essential to any event.
  5. Never scrimp on audio! If you are running over budget then look at all areas to make cost savings but the audio has to be right. There is no point in getting 500 colleagues in a room and they cannot hear the CEO.
  6. Get a good team around you. As the key event planner you cannot do everything on site. You need a team you can rely on. Quick thinking, problem solving skills and reliability are essential for anyone working in the live events industry.
  7. Assign responsibilities. Don’t leave it all to chance. Have a thorough briefing will all team members so they know what they are looking after. That way everyone has a focus and nothing is missed.
  8. Attention to detail. As event planners we have be on the ball. Good attention to detail is key for any event and is ultimately what we are brought in to deliver on!
  9. When planning always think like a guest. Walk the guest experience. Understand and take in what they will do and see, and how they will feel. If you can come up with new ideas to enhance their experience and add value then do it. It is often the little things that are remembered.
  10. Accept help! Often event planners like to keep full control and look after all elements. Don’t be afraid to accept help and allow other people to contribute ideas and thoughts. If you have good people in your team they can come up with some gold you would not have thought of so don’t shy away from brain storming.

Hopefully you have found this blog helpful and interesting… but if there is anything we have missed that is vital to your planning then do let us know by emailing

We are always looking to learn and share!