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Trust Clear

We are a name to trust

As a values-led agency, we believe that the shared commitment across our team to our values is key to our business success and long-term client relationships.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the blog with details on each of our values and why we think each one is important.

If you have any comments on them we would love to hear them so drop us a line at or tweet us @WeAreClearMcr


Trust is everything in events. Events are live. You only get one chance. A team that you completely trust to deliver is absolutely critical to success.

When running an event there are many elements that have to be aligned – the venue, the caterers, the technical team, the speakers, the entertainment… the list goes on.

In events, I have heard the saying many times that you are only as good as your suppliers.  This is 100% true.  These suppliers are your team and this team must be built on trust.

At Clear, we have a long running joke of the ‘Circle of Trust’. Once you are in then you are in… you don’t get out…

The Circle not only relates to the Clear team but also to the freelancers, the technicians, the entertainers, the florists, the bands, the hosts, the venue, the caterers… it is an extensive list.

It takes a huge amount of people to deliver an outstanding event. So, you have to surround yourself with a brilliant, committed, passionate, experienced and talented team to help you deliver what you want to deliver…. the best and most memorable event ever.

A team you can trust should be top of the list for anyone planning an event. Your event will only ever be as good as the team you surround yourself with to help deliver it.

What our clients say about Clear and trust:

Our Annual Awards event in 2020 will be the 9th consecutive year that I have had the pleasure of working with Clear on.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our event.’
Communications Manager, M&S